Creating New Users

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The default way to create users is restricted to Administrators and each user must be created one at a time. There will be a couple different ways to mass-create new users in the next couple of updates. It is strongly recommended to create User Roles before creating new users. If you haven't yet done so, see Configuring User Roles and Permissions.


In order to create a new user, the local admin must:

  1. Navigate to "Setup Home"
  2. Click "Users" under the Administrative Setup section
  3. Create a new user
    1. The minimum fields that need to be filled out are First Name, Last Name, Email, Login Name, User Role, and Timezone.
  4. Once this user is created, they will get a welcome email with a link to the login page. If this does not happen, please contact your local administrator.

CreatingNewUsers1.png CreatingNewUsers2.png CreatingNewUsers3.png CreatingNewUsers4.png