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The EcoCAR Mobility Challenge is the latest Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) sponsored by General Motors, MathWorks, and the US Department of Energy. This four-year (2018-2022) competition challenges 12 North Americans schools to redesign a 2019 Chevrolet Blazer to maximize energy efficiency using advanced hybrid propulsion systems, vehicle connectivity, and vehicle automation.

The Georgia Tech EcoCAR team works in three primary sub-teams:

  • Propulsion Controls and Modeling (PCM)
  • Propulsion Systems Integration (PSI)
  • Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs)

Additional information on the competition can be found here:

Team Contacts

Project Manager - Brianna Thornton -

Engineering Manager - Nishan Nekoo -

PCM Lead - Nicholas Hummel -

PSI Lead - Christian Free -

CAVs Lead - Madhavan Thirumani Rajagopalan -

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Tom Fuller (ChBE) -

Dr. David Taylor (ECE) -

Dr. Michael Leamy (ME) -

Team Links