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Recruitment Info: Spring 2020

The Georgia Tech EcoCAR VIP Team is looking for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in learning about and working with innovative vehicle technologies for the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge.

Our Chevrolet Blazer is on campus and is currently undergoing testing and starting the transformation into a hybrid electric vehicle. The spring semester will focus on completing the vehicle integration phase and extensive testing to ensure that our vehicle is running and driving by the Y2 competition in May 2020. We are looking to recruit dedicated and highly-motivated individuals to aid in a multitude of mechanical, electrical, and computer science efforts (see below for specifics).

By joining our team you will:

  • Gain hands-on experience working with industry hardware and software tools
  • Gain experience on how engines, transmissions, electric machines, batteries, and other hybrid technologies work
  • Participate in the process of deconstructing, modifying, and rebuilding a vehicle
  • Understand the process of developing reliable, market-ready hardware and software systems

What's Happening in Spring 2020

By the end of the Spring 2020 semester, our team will (hopefully) have a hybridized Chevrolet Blazer. This includes:

  • Swapping stock V6 engine with more fuel efficient 4 cylinder engine
  • Integrating high voltage battery pack to power hybrid system
  • Integration of team added hybrid components (two motors and inverters, thermal system, control systems)
  • Achieving safe and refined control of engine, motors, and other vehicle subsystems
  • Development and refinement of sensor fusion algorithms to eventually support automated longitudinal vehicle control
  • Integration of initial software for our hybrid supervisory system
  • Integration of initial software for our CAVs system

VIP Class Applications

Since we are a VIP team, all interested undergraduate students are required to apply for the EcoCAR VIP class in addition to applying to specific sub-teams of interest (see below). Graduate students are not required to apply for the VIP class, but may do so if they wish to receive VIP class credit.

The VIP website may be accessed by clicking here.

Special Problems Applications

Graduate students who wish to receive Special Problems credit need not apply to the VIP class, but should follow their department's process for applying for special problems. Prior to doing so, discuss potential projects with a sub-team lead (contacts listed on the EcoCAR main page). Still be sure to apply to specific sub-teams of interest (see below).

Sub-Team Specific Info and Applications

Propulsion System Integration sub-team

The PSI sub-team is primarily in charge of establishing the powertrain and overall architecture for the vehicle. Following our architecture selection process in the Spring 2019 semester, the PSI team will be responsible for designing, fabricating, and integrating key components of the vehicle beginning in Fall 2019. Members should understand the importance of tangible designs, manufacturability of parts, and be able to work across sub-teams to make designs that meet team and vehicle requirements.

PSI Desired Skills

  • CAD
  • FEA
  • Machining
  • Automotive experience
  • Experience with wire harnessing is a plus
  • Experience with power distribution and parallel circuits is a plus

PSI application: click here

Propulsion Controls and Modeling sub-team

The PCM sub-team is a multidisciplinary team of Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Computer Science majors whose primary focus is getting the vehicle to run efficiently as hybrid. With the arrival of our stock vehicle, this subteam is looking for new members to help with: refining and validating a modular hybrid electric vehicle model in Simulink, developing functional and safety requirements for the vehicle, creating software modules to control vehicle components, and executing Model-In-The-Loop (MIL) and Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) testing.

PCM Desired Skills

  • Minimum Sophomore level credit hours
  • Proficiency in Matlab
  • Familiarity with Simulink
  • Experience with serial data and CAN bus is a plus
  • Experience with Vector tools or dSPACE Hardware is a plus
  • Experience with any of the following programs is a plus: ControlDesk, AutomationDesk
  • Automotive experience is a plus
  • Most of all, we desire someone who is meticulous, willing to commit time and has a desire to learn

PCM application: click here

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles sub-team

The CAVs sub-team is a new addition to the competition. The main goal of this sub-team is to develop a Perception System and a Control System which together enable autonomous driving. The perception system consists of sensors (radar and camera) and sensor fusion software that develops information about the environment surrounding the vehicle, such as the positions and speeds of nearby vehicles. The control system uses this information to automatically control the longitudinal and lateral motion of the vehicle without human intervention. Additionally, wireless communication between the vehicle and roadway infrastructure will be added to further increase the robustness of the system as a whole. The radars, cameras and radios are off-the-shelf components, but the software enabling Perception, Control and Communication is being developed by the CAVs sub-team. For Fall 2019, the sensor selection and placement will have been finalized, so members are needed to help in the development of the Sensor Fusion and Control System algorithms, including testing and validation of both functional and safety requirements. More info can be found in this video

CAVs Desired Skills

  • Well-versed in Matlab (Simulink a plus)
  • Knowledge of systems, sensors, networking, or controls
  • DSP or Systems background
  • Experience with serial data and CAN bus is a plus
  • Experience with RF or wireless communication is a plus
  • Familiarity with Kalman Filter is a plus
  • Familiarity with modeling/simulation of controls systems is a plus

CAVs application: click here

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